Changes in School Principals’ at Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord

June 23, 2022

The Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of new principals and changes for the 2022-2023 school year.


Mr. Guy Ratté will be taking on new challenges as principal at Écho-des-Rapides in Sault-Sainte-Marie. Mr. Ratté is currently lead for student success at É. s. catholique Jeunesse-Nord. Mr. Ratté is a dynamic, committed and detail-oriented professional. With his expertise in leadership, organization and interpersonal relations, Mr. Ratté will be able to put forward winning strategies that will ensure the success of all students at this school.


Ms. Anne Lemieux-Gravel will undertake new challenges as principal of É. s. l’Orée des Bois in Dubreuilville.   A teacher for nearly 21 years, Ms. Lemieux-Gravel has acquired many management, leadership and organizational skills. A stimulating and reliable educator, Ms. Lemieux-Gravel knows how to instill confidence in students to ensure their success. Her experience and contagious energy will allow her to take on this new challenge.


Ms. Jeanine Winn will take on the position of vice-principal at É. p. Jean-Éthier-Blais.  Ms. Winn has worked in the field of education for over 23 years and has extensive teaching skills.  Ms. Winn is mindful of the needs of students and her tireless dedication to students will enable her to carry out her new duties with great success.


Ms. Julie-Anne Potvin, the current vice-principal at É. s. Macdonald-Cartier, will become the new vice-principal at É. p. Hélène-Gravel.  Ms. Potvin has a remarkable experience in the francophone educational environment. Ms. Potvin has served in many capacities, including teacher, resource teacher and educational consultant. With her depth of experience, Ms Potvin will impart her knowledge, talents and energy to the benefit of the students of this school.


Ms. Jocelyne Schiewek will be joining the team at É. s. Macdonald-Cartier as  vice-principal. Since she joined the Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord, Ms. Schiewek has served in many capacities, including teacher, educational consultant, literacy and numeracy coach, interim principal of É. p. de la Découverte, É. p. Foyer Jeunesse, É. p. Jean-Éthier-Blais and É. p. Hélène-Gravel (position she currently holds). Ms. Schiewek will assume her new position when Ms. Noëlle Gauthier, principal of É. p. Hélène-Gravel returns from maternity leave.


Ms. Jeannette Bergeron will take the helm of É. p. Foyer-Jeunesse in Hanmer. Ms. Bergeron has been working in education for over 30 years and has extensive experience in educational environments and school management. Ms. Bergeron has held various teaching positions and has served as vice-principal and principal at É. Cap sur l’Avenir and É. p. Jean-Éthier-Blais (her current position). Given her extensive background, her leadership ability and her infectious energy, Ms. Bergeron’s expertise and skills will ensure that all students achieve their full potential.


Ms. Vivianne Cotnam will be heading to É. Cap sur l’Avenir as principal.  Currently, Ms. Cotnam is the principal at É. p. Camille Perron and É. virtuelle du Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord. Ms. Cotnam has been with Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord for almost 25 years. She has worked as a teacher, educational consultant, vice-principal and principal. Her human approach based on understanding and problem solving will undoubtedly be an asset for all students.


Ms. Renée Coulombe will be the new principal of É. p. Camille-Perron and É. virtuelle du Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord. Ms. Coulombe is currently principal at É. Cap sur l’Avenir. Ms. Coulombe has held many positions, including teacher, director of innovation and early childhood, and principal. Her many years of experience in the education system will certainly be an asset to the students of E. p. Camille-Perron and É. virtuelle du Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord.


Ms. Stéphanie Sampson will take the helm of É. p. Jean-Éthier-Blais. Currently, Ms. Sampson is the principal of É. p. Foyer-Jeunesse.  Ms. Sampson began her career as a teacher at É. p. l’Escalade in Wawa. In 2013, Ms. Sampson took over as interim principal and in 2014, as principal of É. p. l’Escalade. Attentive to the needs of each child and through her expertise and dynamism, Ms. Sampson will provide a school environment conducive to the success of each student.


These principals have extensive knowledge of educational environment and are familiar with the needs of the students and their respective communities.  With their leadership abilities, Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord is certain that they will play a key role in ensuring quality education that fosters the full development of Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord students.


Recognized for its keen sense of innovation and openness to the world, Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord offers a French-language public education of the highest quality in fourteen elementary schools and eight secondary schools in the communities of Markstay, Noëlville, Greater Sudbury, Blind River, Elliot Lake, Sault Ste. Marie, Wawa, Dubreuilville, Marathon, Manitouwadge and Longlac.